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For PCR procedures that need protection from contamination; UV sterilisation of the working environment, with additional downflow sterile air protecting against subsequent contamination.

UV is effectively utilised in this cabinet, powerful UV tube lights are combined with carefully located optical reflectors to ensure uniform intensity distribution of the UV radiation throughout the cabinet. Downflow clean air protects against contamination by bathing the PCR apparatus in sterile air and limiting risk of contamination from the operator’s arms, or from any equipment bought into the otherwise sterile environment. A positive pressure ensures that there is no ingress of airborne contaminants from the surrounding laboratory environment. Acrylic windows offer exceptionally clear all round vision and do not allow transmission of UV.

Cabinet has flap front access as standard for easy access to the interior of the cabinet. A service port with cover is supplied in each side panels. Cabinet is supplied with handy corner shelves. White lighting, operated from an external switch, illuminates the cabinet interior.

The control system allows the choice of the timed UV exposure from 5 to 30 minutes.

The base tray is black which highlights spillages.

Key Bigneat feature:

Auto speed increase on door opening maintains air velocity speed to 0.45m/s at the workstation front.

ModelDimensions External WxDxHDimensions Internal WxDxH
802 x 549 x 998 mm
730 x 489 x 699 mm
  • Doors sensors switch off UV lamps if door flap is opened, ensuring operator safety
  • Acrylic protects the operator from beta emissions from commonly used 32P labeled compounds
  • HEPA filtration system that delivers air to Class 100 quality
  • Electronic low-flow alarm
  • Quiet when operating - >50 d(B)a.
HEPA filters (H14 Grade) are certified to CEN EN 1822 which stipulates a minimum efficiency of 99.995% when challenged with a MPPS of 0.1 to 0.2µm (Most Penetrating Particle Size).
Mobile Stand (MTC) with doors

Mobile Stand (MTC) with doors

Support bench, mobile or static

Mount your cabinet onto an existing bench or have it as a free standing system. Select an open robust epoxy coated bench (MT) or a bench with doors (MTC) with castors or with levelling/adjustable feet. An electrical motorised height adjustable version is available on request.

Open Stand (MT) with castors

Open Stand (MT) with castors