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BE Laminar Flow Cabinets | Hoods for Education

For aseptic techniques and procedures requiring clean air, excellent visibility for both teacher and student.

Bigneat’s BE range of Laminar Flow Cabinets has been specifically developed for use in schools and colleges.  Cabinets are designed to be affordable yet provide a particle-free air conditions at a quality standard used in world-class research laboratories.  Most importantly acrylic construction allows excellent all-round vision for students and teachers.

Bigneat Laminar Flow Cabinets are built to a very high standard using only the best quality materials and fan components. Experience has shown that Bigneat Laminar Flow Cabinets give consistent performance which is only dependent on replacement of the pre- and HEPA filters at recommended intervals.

Three sizes are offered for use by one, two or four students.


ModelDesigned for:Dimensions External WxDxHDimensions Internal WxDxH
1 Student
2 Student
4 Student
620 x 610 x 1000 mm
920 x 610 x 1000 mm
920 x 900 x 1000 mm
600 x 590 x 640 mm
900 x 590 x 640 mm
900 x 435(x2) x 640 mm
  1. Services package - gas tap, swan-neck water tap with drip cup. Can only be supplied when ordered with mobile stand.
  2. Mobile stand - on lockable castors, with or without cupboards and can be supplied in sitting, standing or adjustable height modes.
  3. Services port - 80mm diameter service ports to side, back and middle panels for cable and flexible pipe entry.
  4. Lighting - internal fluorescent white lighting.
  5. UV Sterilisation - internal UV sterilisation lighting c/w timer.
Mobile Stand (MTC) with doors

Mobile Stand (MTC) with doors

Support bench, mobile or static

Mount your BE cabinet onto an existing bench or have it as a free standing system. Select an open robust epoxy coated bench (MT) or a bench with doors (MTC) with castors or with levelling/adjustable feet. An electrical motorised height adjustable version is available on request.

Open Stand (MT) with castors

Open Stand (MT) with castors