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Laminar Flow Cabinets & Workstations

Laminar flow cabinets are designed to protect samples/the process or operating staff by maintaining a particle-free ultra clean workzone.

Laminar flow cabinets & workstations (HLF & VLF models) are available in various sizes and are configured for operator or product protection. Low cost laminar flow cabinets (BE models) are available and used predominantly within education.

BIGNEAT (HLF & VLF) Laminar Flow Cabinets are provided with a well lit diffused hidden lighting as standard and efficient sound insulation, which ensures the operator can comfortably use the cabinet for long periods.

BIGNEAT Laminar Flow Cabinets are manufactured to comply with the guidelines of ISO 14644 – 1:1999 Class 5 (Fed. Standard 209E:1992 Class 100), to provide sterile working environment and air velocity at filter face of 0.45 ms-1.

Model range includes:

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