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Providing stable conditions for experimentation, testing and production.

Bigneat designs, manufactures and installs enclosures and hoods providing precision stable conditions, temperature, humidity with clean air.

Bigneat’s BCEE/HX/Hypoxic hood enclosure range has been designed following years of practical experience and is an example of Bigneat’s innovation in enclosure design & technology.

BCEE high-purity clean air enclosure with controlled humidity, temperature and controlled atmosphere (HX/Hypoxic hood) provides the user with the highest quality precision environment at all times irrespective of fluctuations in the surrounding laboratory environment.

BCEE hoods use a sealed recirculatory air system to provide downflow sterile air to the work surface ensuring sample/process protection.

Manipulation within the enclosure is through glove ports.

Bigneat is the world's No 1 manufacturer of enclosures for the containment of laboratory automation and robotics systems
  • Containment of drug discovery robotics systems requiring chilling, incubation or set-level stable temperature.
  • Containment of moisture sensitive weighing process equipment and analytical equipment, O2 sensitive procedures.
  • Life sciences; stem cell research (hypoxic).
  • Handling of freeze-dryed samples (reducing hydroscopy)
  • Universal control panel - displays status of enclosed automation and controls airflow system balance, hour counter.
  • Audible and visual alarm indication of incorrect conditions.
  • Large range of options, ventilated transfer ports and waste management systems.
  • Bigneat enclosures provide excellent visibility of the enclosed system.
  • Sealed cable gland ports.
  • Integrated robot system safety switches.

There are many options for your LABS enclosure.