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Chemical Store, ventilated / carbon filtered

The effective way to eliminate airborne risks and to purify laboratory air.

Evaporation from drips and open containers contributes considerably to poor quality air within the laboratory. The Bigneat range of ventilated chemical storage cupboards remove vapours, purify the laboratory air and enhance the long-term health of laboratory personnel.

Also available for ducted installation.

Bigneat chemical storage cupboards can be supplied as a ducted installation without a filtration system.

Free Assessment Service.

What are your risks? Please contact us for a free assessment and our chemist will undertake a risk analysis and suggest the best filter for your purposes. Please click on the download button to the left.

ModelDimensions WxDxHCapacity (in litre bottles)
CS 834
CS 844
819 x 510 x 2000 mm
1618 x 510 x 2000 mm
  • Quiet operation <50dBA.
  • Magnetic catches on doors
Choose your Chemcap™ carbon filtration to suit the chemicals you will be storing.
The mild steel structural panels, the fan housing and internal shelves are epoxy coated, acid resistant paint, colour - white.
10mm thick transparent doors are manufactured from clear cast acrylic which is non-flammable and easy to clean.