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Providing stable conditions for experimentation, testing and production.

No need for a clean room – space saving and compact system with a small footprint.

Controlled Humidity:<1%-85%
Controlled Temperature: 4°C-40°C
Clean Air: ISO Class 5 to EN14644-1
Controlled Atmosphere: Aerobic, hypoxic or anaerobic conditions

Bigneat designs, manufactures and installs enclosures and hoods providing precision stable conditions, temperature, humidity with clean air.

Bigneat’s BCEE enclosure range has been designed following years of practical experience and is an example of Bigneat’s innovation in enclosure design & technology.

BCEE high-purity clean air enclosure with controlled humidity or temperature and/or controlled atmosphere (HX/Hypoxic hood) provides the user with the highest quality precision environment at all times irrespective of fluctuations in the surrounding laboratory environment.

BCEE uses a sealed recirculatory air system to provide downflow sterile air to the work surface ensuring sample/process protection.

Manipulation within the enclosure is through sliding doors or glove ports.

Enclosure for Jaguar Land Rover’s Mettler Toledo filter comparator robot – more>>

  • Containment of drug discovery robotics systems requiring chilling, incubation or set-level stable temperature.
  • Containment of moisture sensitive weighing process equipment and analytical equipment, O2 sensitive procedures.
  • Life sciences; stem cell research (hypoxic)
  • Handling of freeze-dryed samples (reducing hygroscopicity)
  • Universal control panel - displays status of enclosed automation and controls airflow system balance, hour counter.
  • Audible and visual alarm indication of incorrect conditions.
  • Large range of options, ventilated transfer ports and waste management systems.
  • Excellent visibility of the enclosed system.
  • Sealed cable gland ports.
  • Integrated robot system safety switches.