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Bigneat is an established world-leading innovator of high-performance ductless fume hoods, biohazard enclosures, environmentally controlled enclosures, laboratory safety cabinets, powder weighing cabinets, robotics enclosures, laminar flow cabinets and contamination control hoods.

Your Safety is Our Priority and we will work with you to custom finish your standard ductless fume hood or laminar flow cabinet when required or we will cutom manufacture equipment to suit your equipment specific needs and applications.

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient fan systemsOur products are built with energy-efficient fan systems, have a low life cycle cost and low environmental impact.

Bigneat equipment provides operator protection, process/sample protection or both, are based on recirculatory filtration (ductless systems) and includes ducting when required for the application.

“The world’s No 1 manufacturer of enclosures for laboratory automation”

Laboratory Automation (LA range) enclosures with controlled environments: Bigneat is the world’s leading manufacturer of laboratory automation and robotics enclosures. For operator protection, process protection or performing to class II levels of biological protection with or without a controlled environmentT°, RH or N2/CO2 atmospheres.

April 2017: Bigneat has been announced winner of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2017 – the UK’s highest accolade for business success read the news

Our Ranges

Bigneat’s equipment protects laboratory personnel from airborne hazards and/or offers process/sample protection during laboratory procedures, batch and on-line production processes. We manufacture clean air, hazard…

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Our Capabilities

We are driven by our customers, and by listening to their application requirements we have developed an extensive range of cabinets, enclosures, hoods, rooms and workstations that is second to none. We are extremely grateful…

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Its no secret! Our hoods are a great way to keep safe in the lab.

We know the best way to grow to love your Bigneat Safety Cabinet or Hood is to use one! Alternatively a video is a really great way to see for yourself how you can keep safe in the laboratory when there is the chance of escaped chemical fumes or particles being hazardous to your health.

We would enjoy making a video of any Bigneat products in your laboratory, with you and your team performing procedures. Can we come and film you?