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Horizontal Flow Laminar Flow Cabinets (HLF)

For procedures requiring clean air, for operator protection or product protection.

Bigneat’s Laminar Flow Workstations have been specifically designed to be affordable yet to provide particle-free, bacteria-free, clean air conditions to the work area at a quality standard usually only possible in more expensive cabinets . With lighting from a fluorescent white light included the internal brightness aids comfort for the operator.

HLF Laminar Flow Cabinets operate to comply with the guidelines of ISO 14644 – 1:1999 Class 5 (Fed. Standard 209E:1992 Class 100), to provide sterile working environment and air velocity at filter face of 0.45 ms-1.

Experience has shown that Bigneat Laminar Flow Cabinets give consistent performance which is only dependent on replacement of the pre- and HEPA filters at recommended intervals.

Your choice:   Horizontal air for operator protection (HLFO) or product protection (HLFP).

Model Dimensions External WxDxH Dimensions Internal WxDxH
HLF 1000
HLF 1500
HLF 2000
1000 x 762 x 1160 mm
1500 x 762 x 1160 mm
2000 x 762 x 1160 mm
960 x 600 x 665 mm
1460 x 600 x 665 mm
1960 x 600 x 665 mm
  • A variable fan speed control (pre-set at factory, adjustable by installation/service engineer).
  • Magnehelic ® differential pressure gauge for monitoring filter performance.
  • HPL work surface with margin groove to catch and contain spills.
  • Service port in each side panel.
  • Comfortable to use, easy controls with well lit working area
  • Excellent access & visibility
  • Efficient insulation, quiet operation
  • Pre-filtration removes particles greater than 0.5micron @ 92% efficiency
  • HEPA Filtration removes particles greater than 0.3micron @ 99.995% efficiency.

Optional Bench.

A cabinet may be positioned on an existing bench or can be provided with an integrated bench, with levelling/adjustable feet or castors. Alternatively we offer an electrically operated motorised height adjustable bench.